WESENWILLE is a black metal band featuring members from Grafjammer, Verval, Weltschmerz and Wrang. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, this duo focuses on delivering black metal with a modern approach. Stylistically, WESENWILLE’s music offers a balanced mix of pure dissonant aggression and more contemplative atmospheric, but rarely consonant passages. Musical influences can be found in the realms of Deathspell Omega, Imperial Triumphant, Svart Crown, Svartidauði and Ulcerate.
The full-length debut I: WESENWILLE was composed and recorded in-house between 2013 and 2017, mixed and mastered by JB van der Wal (Dool, Lugubre, ex-Aborted) and released under the wing of Redefining Darkness Records (USA) on April 27th, 2018. The album features a selection of original modernist photography and is currently exclusively available on 6- panel digipak CD format.

In July 2020, WESENWILLE finished work on their sophomore full-length album II: A MATERIAL GOD. This record brings a strong mix of unrelenting and dissonant black metal with ample room for groove, atmosphere and experimentation. Compared to I: WESENWILLE, everything has been taken a notch further. Aggressive bursts are even more unrelenting, and atmospheric passages have been given more room to develop. With the incorporation of even more diverse musical influences, this record truly shows what WESENWILLE is capable of delivering.
This time around full production was in the hands of JB van der Wal, whose signature sound is unmistakably heard on II: A MATERIAL GOD.

During live sessions WESENWILLE is assisted by experienced performers M. Ruijgrok (Wrang, Weltschmerz(live)) and N. van Noort (Gizah, ex-Divine Sins).

On a lyrical level WESENWILLE deals with the development of technology and societal structures, and their continual transformative effect on human social interactions and values. The term WESENWILLE originates from Ferdinand Tönnies’ work Gemeinschaft & Gesellschaft, in which it is described as the natural will that drives communities towards common goals, as opposed to the more selfish rational will, which predominates in larger societies such as the ones we live in today.

Line-up: R. Schmidt: Composition, lyrics, guitars, bass, vocals // D. A. Schermann: Drums

Photography: ‘Wall Street’ (1915) by Paul Strand

Layout design by Derek Holzer


II: A Material God | Release date : 12/03/2021 | Duration : 00:50:39

DIGIPACK AO-141 // 2LP simple pochette LPAO-142