LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE PRODUCTIONS is an association bringing passionate people together, all volunteers. Our vocation ? Presenting bands we love, usually coming from nowhere !
Mostly focus on French artists, but not only : we go along with the bands in their artistic development. The Label is a promotion tool, but also a music distributor for bands from the New generation of Black Metal (post, atmospheric and avant-gardiste) ; either on vinyl record, CD or tape. We love offering objects of great quality by working with talented designers and other Limited Box Set composed of handmade and original goodies.


AORLHAC interview (English & French versions)

Aorlhac managed to motivate people to gather in front of the Temple stage on Friday 21st June, to say the least, despite the fact that many festival-goers tend to need some time at this hour to emerge laboriously from the alcohol vapours emanating from a...

MONOLITHE:a French tribute to CATHEDRAL

"DOOM OR BE DOOMED : A FRENCH TRIBUTE TO CATHEDRAL" is set for release on August 13th by Sleeping Church Records The tribute is a double CD featuring exclusive cover versions by 12 French bands. TRACKLIST : 01. PILLARS - Mourning of a New Day 02. GOAT RIVER - Ebony...


Date Artist City Venue Country
09/06/19 - 09/08/19 Spectrale Audierne Et Il N’y Aura Plus De Nuit (festival) FR
Buy Tickets More information
09/20/19 Griffon Nantes Le Ferrailleur FR
Belenos. Nydvind More information
09/21/19 Darkenhöld Saint-Jean-De-Védas Secret Place (Home Of Underground Rock) FR
Address: 25 Rue St Exupery,. More information
09/21/19 Griffon Le Haillan Salem Le Haillan FR
Address: 296, avenue Pasteur – Zone d’activites Les Sables. Buy Tickets More information

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