We are glad to announce that Triste Terre’s first album “Grand Œuvre” is out today (15th March 2019).

Grand Œuvre, which could be translated both by the Great Work or the Masterpiece. A baptism above the font of arrogance or self-mockery for Triste Terre’s first album? Neither. An atmospheric black metal resonating from classical echoes of Bach’s darkest hours. After perfecting its style with 3 Eps, this band from Lyon (France) doesn’t fear from aiming high with hieratic songs built like cathedrals of noble darkness. Inside vibratos of excruciating clearness and vast roarings worthy of a prophet shatter concepts and liturgies, always aspiring to higher spheres.

Founding member of this project, Naâl is making there an occult and glorious offering.

Words by Romain (LADLO graphist) about Triste Terre’s album:

This first album of TRISTE TERRE is a dark mass. From the first notes, it slowly crawls from the abyss of the Earth, getting thickener and thickener while crossing its various stratums. Once reaching the surface, it majestically faces me. Slowly, it rises. I find myself caught, obsessed, mesmerized, and I will soon be losing myself in this morbid attraction. My feet leaving the ground, I join this titanic mass, and yet so light in appearance. Inside, I smell exhalation of ether, of ashes, of flesh. Never brutalized, but I feel disturbed, mistreated, facing a myriad of images and complex sounds. A kaleidoscope of horror then surrounds me, slowly spinning, inexorably, feeding itself with the worst facet of my soul. Despite my will, I am facing this conflating of pains and horrors. Disoriented, my senses are giving me up, and suddenly, I realize that I can no longer discern my corporeal envelope. I was dissolved. I am the sphere and the sphere is I. I am the Horror, the Sadness, and the Majesty united. There is something Lovecraftian in the fascinating art.


1-Oeuvre au Noir 2- Corps Glorieux 3-Nobles Luminaires 4-Grand Architecte 5-Lueur Emérite 6-Tribut Solennel

Music & lyrics : Naâl. Studio : Studio Du Lac. Record par Rob Carson. Mix : Arnaud Menard. Mastering : Dave Otero. Artwork: Marianne Plasse