TRISTE TERRE joined LADLO roster. The first album of TRISTE TERRE “Grand Oeuvre” will be out on March 15, 2019.

Grand Œuvre, which could be translated both by the Great Work or the Masterpiece. A baptism above the font of arrogance or self-mockery for Triste Terre’s first album? Neither. An atmospheric black metal resonating from classical echoes of Bach’s darkest hours. After perfecting its style with 3 Eps, this band from Lyon,France doesn’t fear from aiming high with hieratic songs built like cathedrals of noble darkness. Inside vibratos of excruciating clearness and vast roarings worthy of a prophet shatter concepts and liturgies, always aspiring to higher spheres. Triste Terre is making there an occult and glorious offering

Words of the label manager, Gérald:

“I already was in touch with TRISTE TERRE in the past, but its previous releases didn’t really got me. Now, everything’s changed. TRISTE TERRE is a Avant Garde Black Metal that could be describe as a French LYCHGATE with varied vocals and full of intentions (I am especially fan of the ones close to URFAUST). In the beginning, it is Naâl’s solo project, a 22 years old man who already was on other bands from Lyon – France -, that now take shape into a live project. Naâl recorded the entire album on its own, except for the drums recorded by the drummer of DEATHCODE SOCIETY, he created a tortured masterful piece of work. I am literally overwhelmed by this album, not easy to understand at first I agree, but so powerful. The atmosphere, sometime raw black, other times doom, come one after another and progressively intertwines, tainted by some seventies aura by the use of harmonium for example. So much energies and so many amazing ambiances come out of this album. What about the artwork ?! It is a original illustration created for the album and that reflects perfectly the musical insanity of this “Great Work”. Yes, you got it, I am a complete fan.”


1-Oeuvre au Noir

2- Corps Glorieux

3-Nobles Luminaires

4-Grand Architecte

5-Lueur Emérite

6-Tibut Solennel

Music & lyrics : Naâl. Studio : Studio Du Lac. Record par Rob Carson. Mix : Arnaud Menard. Mastering : Dave Otero

Artwork: Marianne Plasse