Asphodèle’s first track “Gueules Crasses” can be listened on Atmospheric Black Metal Albums’ YouTube channel.

This is a promo master, the final version will appear on Jours Pâles, the debut album of the band, to be released on November 1st 2019.

The opus is composed by eight tracks that highlight a dark metal inspired by various influences just reflecting with sadness our inner cracks and feeling of dereliction and inadequacy. For we’re not truly aware before looking back on our existence, the last glance tearing our blinders apart…

Asphodèle is an introspective project led by the compositions of Spellbound, whose sincere and uncompromising voice has been resonating in people’s mind since more than a decade through Aorlhac’s albums. The sibylline and haunted vocals of Audrey S., known for her past work in late Amesoeurs and in K.P.N and current involvement in Malenuit, adorn the songs with a truly unique aura.
Their encounter brought out the need to express their inner conflicts through a common project based on shared intimate experiences: vital impetus and resurgence taking shape in a sincere music enfolded in a thick mist of dysthymia and disillusioned look at life.
The duet quickly hired experienced musicians and their line-up was eventually strengthened by Stefan (former Anorexia Nervosa, currently in Au champ des morts) and Wilheim (Au champ des morts), playing respectively guitar and drums in studio. The project became complete with the bassist Christian Larsson (former Apati and Shining, currently in Gloson) and Graf (Psychonaut 4) as special guest on one song.