Our CD SAMPLER MMXVIII will be send with every order. But don’t wait! Go for a ride on our bandcamp page to be aware of our upcoming releases and listen to new tracks by Maïeutiste and Pénitence Onirique.

LISTEN + FREE DOWNLOAD : https://ladlo.bandcamp.com/album/sampler-mmxviii

01. Maïeutiste : Veritas
02. Pénitence Onirique : Aphonie
03. MOONREICH:Fugue part.I-Every Time She Passes Away
04. Verfallen: Derelictus
05. Darkenhöld: Cors Glorieux
06. Au-Dessus: III
07. Aorlhac: L’Ora es Venguda
08. Spectrale: ▲
09. MONOLITHE : Anechoic Aberration
10. Hyrgal : Aux Diktats de l’Instinct
11. Pensées Nocturnes : Paria