You thought you would be safe ? There is no escape … Pensées Nocturnes is back at Les Acteurs De L’Ombre for a bloody slaughter in 10 acts. “Grand Guignol Orchestra” is now available in preorder, the release is planned for February 1st, 2019 (CD Digipack with booklet and Double gatefold LP black or red).

After 10 years of existence, the one-man band led by Vaerohn evolved from the studio to the scene. Get ready to have something crazier than it can possibly be. A Black Metal basis, enhanced by brass instruments, piano, accordion, Theremin, etc. surrounded by a nightmarish atmosphere : all creating a depraved and grotesque circus. L’Ame Noire (The Dark Soul) of Pensées Nocturnes is taking shape and will follow you.

Music / Lyrics: Vaerohn

Studio : Studio Henosis

Artwork : Cäme Roy de Rat


01 – Un trop plein d’rouge : 1’23
02 – Deux bals dans la tête : 5’11
03 – Poil de Lune : 6’20
04 – L’Alpha Mal : 5’43
05 – L’Etrangorium : 1’44
06 – Les Valseuses : 6’09
07 – Gauloises ou Gitanes ? : 4’28
08 – Comptine à Boire : 4’22
09 – Anis Maudit : 5’22
10 – Triste Sade : 6’59

Words from the label manager, Gérald

“You cannot imagine how proud I am with the release of this new album of PENSEES NOCTURNES. As you all already know, LADLO started with the release of the band’s first album, that’s been a hell of a journey since then… All along the albums, VAERHON kept on sharpening its style and offers us with this new opus a masterpiece, unique and timeless. I challenge anyone to find a band close to PENSEES NOCTUNES. Once again, this album overcomes the previous one and gives us an avant-garde and monumental work : some kind of Black Metal circus. Here comes the most twisted circus orchestra that has ever been. A grotesque and depraved one where madness and brutality meets, intertwining rhythmic and arrhythmic moments, melody and dissonance, let’s not forget the vociferations, the tormented choirs and the drunkard choral. All of those features are mixed with an accordion, wind instruments and other ones even crazier.
VAERHON is a genius : in terms of composition, interpretation (except for the drums, he recorded every single instruments), destructuring and of the French language where every apostrophe, every verses, every declamations plays with the words and their meanings, mistranslation and their truth. 
I don’t know any other band the pushed the intention that far, with such a powerful resonance in their music. That’s such a great work from Fred (Studio Henosis) that perfectly succeeded in mixing and mastering that complex and rich music. And what about that artwork from Cäme Roy from Rat ? In my opinion, this album is perfect. 
PENSEES NOCTURNES is now going live and offers a Dantesque and quirky show, performed by a line-up composed of disgusting clowns, led by a charismatic conductor. That is a unique experience from which no one is unmoved.”


Vacuum (2009)  Grotesque (2010) – Ceci est de la Musique (2011) – Nom d’une Pipe ! (2013) – A Boire et A Manger ( 2016) – Grand Guignol Orchestra (2019)