Hear now “Si Rome Vient à Périr”, the opening track of the split album between Darkenhöld and Griffon, which will be released on May 31st.

You can find Griffon’s full track on the Black Metal Promotion’s YouTube channel: http://www.bitly.fr/a5m

“The castle wanderers of Darkenhöld and valiant members of Griffon join their voices on a singular split CD halfway between an evening of tales and medieval song of heroic deeds. The first band lights a warm atmosphere where traditional tones summon legends and arouse a yearn for acoustic concerts. Their companions choose a more historical and warlike angle that suits their fiery black metal. Not without ending « Atra Musica » elegantly with a noble instrumental song though.”

« Atra Musica » consists of eight tracks:
1 – Si Rome Vient à Périr
2 – Souviens-toi, Karbala
3 – Jérusalem
4 – Interlude

5 – Marche des Bêtes Sylvestres
6 – Le Sanctuaire de la Vouivre
7 – Les Goules et la Tour
8 – Citadelle d’Obsidienne

Artwork by Tedd Luger