We are glad to welcome BLURR THROWER.

Taking shape from personal neurosis, fears and anxiety, BLURR THROWER aims to exhume the secret ether from the meandering of the Human soul. The project offers the listener a journey in its diegesis (its universe) through long tracks composed with hypnotics and nagging riffs.

Deeply inspired by Cascadian Black Metal – with bands such as WEAKLING, FELL VOICES, ASH BORER, TIME LURKER, PARAMNESIA – BLURR THROWER tries to respect the legacy of a Crepuscular Black Metal, loaded with occultism, to which the French Scene contributed a lot.

Poems, recording, mix and mastering by BLURR THROWER

Artwork:Cäme Roy de Rat

BLURR THROWER is a one-man band.

Words from the label manager: “When I met BLURR THROWER, it was like one of those encounter that shakes you up, like it shows you the way to the real meaning of life, death, liberty, rules, humanity… It’s a whole, unique, sensitive, profound, a self-sacrifice. The concept, philosophic to say the least, takes shape into a whole work, where the music works as words and vice versa, to create a sort of introspective mass, an inner disruption. Progressive, atmospheric, with sound textures – you’ve got to let yourself go, to give up and let you guide, close your eyes and let you die, just like the author did to give birth to this manifesto : a personal work, a collection of life experiences, a crosswise experience.”

Words from Blurr Thrower : “With disillusionment and insanity as the only way out, BLURR THROWER is not a cathartic project but a neurosis, with an amniotic and deleterious vocation. To best illustrate the mortified and worrisome sufferings and sorrows, the work vehicles a metaphysic approach, sincere and spiritual in its existence, as for its writing and its composition.
Using anxiety attacks, hallucinations and isolation as essential basis and combustible, BLURR THROWER tries its hand at longue plays full of atmospheres. ”