We are glad to release an amazing split album by 3 French Black Metal bands:BA’A/ Verfallen / Hyrgal.
The idea of this split is to merge different forms and expressions of the dark art shared and cherished by everyone involved. Three personalities, three visions, different and yet converging to a common purpose. The protagonists all evolved together, united, in an absolute quest, a needed catharsis, a common will to transcend themselves to end up with this offering.

Release date : October 12
Tracklist :
1-BÂ’A : Les terres de la terreur
2-BÂ’A : La grande désillusion
3-VERFALLEN : Derelictus
4-VERFALLEN : La valeur des ténèbres
5-HYRGAL : Césure
6-HYRGAL : Sicaire

🎵Listen to Verfallen “Derelictus” :