Asphodèle’s debut album ‘Jours Pâles’ is finally out!

The opus is available in LPs gatefold (silver or black) as well as digipaks.

The opus is composed by eight tracks that highlight a dark metal inspired by various influences just reflecting with sadness our inner cracks and feeling of dereliction and inadequacy. For we’re not truly aware before looking back on our existence, the last glance tearing our blinders apart…

1. Candide
2. De Brèves Etreintes Nocturnes
3. Jours Pâles (feat. Wÿntër Ärvń)
4. Gueules Crasses
5. Nitride
6. Refuge (feat. Sylvain Bégot from MONOLITHE and Gérald Milani)
7. Réminiscences (feat. Graf from Psychonaut 4)
8. Décembre

Romain, graphic designer from LADLO’s team: “It’s night. Or dark, at least. Maybe we are standing in broad daylight. I don’t know anymore. Maybe the sun manages to illuminate and enlighten this world. I don’t know. It appears I am still alive, for I am still having this feeling, of fear. Of anxiety. When the spleen is coming, in the most absolute suffering, I have never felt so alive. This, I know. The enemy can arise at any time, fooling my senses and pulling my mind’s strings. It is a time delay pain, throbbing, which would make it almost bearable. The world or the sky are not black, it is the veil of my very own bile. Melancholia. The origin of alienation, of disgust. Like an irrepressible desire to drift away, to wander, aimlessly, without any promise. Without any hope. Like a dazing need to exhaust this anguish by getting away. A primitive urge that leads me to run away from them, all of them, to try to find them again, one by one. Lying beneath the moist earth. And sinking. With them, with you. Sinking.”

Artwork: Joanna Maeyens artwork