MOONREICH’s new album “Fugue” is out today June 15th 2018  Listen to the full album on Atmospheric Black Metal channel right now!

1-Fugue Part I: Every time she passes away
2-Fugue Part II: Every time the earth slips away
3-With open throat for way too long
4-Heart symbolism
6-Carry that drought cause I have no arms anymore
7-The things behind the moon

Recorded and mixed at Studio Henosis
Mastering by Hertz Studio
Artwork by Drumshit

MOONREICH is a special case in our roster. Weddir, the band’s mastermind, is a former member of our association. I know him since 2004 and our collaboration came naturally. I closely followed the band’s evolution when Weddir decided to change label and ask us to cooperate. The band’s new approach fitted with the artistic identity of the label – its progressive aspect, filled with post hardcore influences, killing and catchy riffs, a devastating energy… It all seems logical, as if it was meant to be. Once again a family business, based on trust…