“DOOM OR BE DOOMED : A FRENCH TRIBUTE TO CATHEDRAL” is set for release on August 13th by Sleeping Church Records

The tribute is a double CD featuring exclusive cover versions by 12 French bands.

01. PILLARS – Mourning of a New Day
02. GOAT RIVER – Ebony Tears
03. LUX INCERTA – Serpents Eve
04. MISANTHROPE – Soul Sacrifice
05. PRESUMPTION – Equilibrium
06. ATARAXIE – Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
07. BARABBAS – Ride (french version)
08. MONOLITHE – Enter The Worm(hole)s
09. CONVICTION – Stained Glass Horizon
10. NORTHWINDS – Voodoo Fire
11. FATHER MERRIN – Congregation of Sorcerers
12. DIONYSIAQUE – This Body, Thy Tomb

Liner notes by Steph LeSaux and Laurent Lignon
Artwork by Kax Nivore

Pre-orders can be done by contacting Sleeping Church Records through their Facebook account or Bandcamp (https://sleepingchurchrecords.bandcamp.com/)