“MONOLITHE’s first four records, “Monolithe I” to “Monolithe IV”, released from 2003 to 2012, have established the band internationally with their +50 minutes epic & grandiose Extreme Doom Metal saga and their science-fiction themes. The band has since become one of the household names within the Doom Metal community.

Once this work was achieved, MONOLITHE was not done crushing the universe with its unrelenting heaviness. Moving forward to the next chapter of their existence with the addition of 4 members to the original trio, the band decided to spend most of the year 2015 recording not one, but two new albums respectively titled “Epsilon Aurigae” (2015) & “Zeta Reticuli” (2016), released 6 months apart from each other and both having met with universal praise.

In addition to the new albums, MONOLITHE have then decided to play live for the first time in its history. That’s how the band performed a handful of shows over Europe, including the prestigious Hellfest & Motocultor in France, Brutal Assault in Czech Republic, Metal Days in Slovenia, Dutch Doom Days in the Netherlands, Swamp Festival in Berlin, a Japanese tour, a European tour and many more gigs.

2018 saw the release of “Nebula Septem”, with which MONOLITHE pushed once again the boundaries of the Doom Metal genre, exploring the mysterious theme of extra-terrestrial civilizations on the 7 tracks featuring on the record. The amazing reception of the album has put the band on the Metal map even for those not familiar with Doom Metal.

The first show of the Nebula Septem Tour has been recorded on tape and has been provided as MONOLITHE’s first live album. Titled “From Equinox to Solstice – Live At Beltane” and in early 2019, the band showed a new facet of their music with the raw live rendition of carefully chosen songs from their last album as well as fans’ favourites from older albums.

MONOLITHE spent most of the rest of 2019 crafting a new studio album which is set to see the light of the day in 2020.”

LINE-UP :Rémi Brochard: vocals, guitar
Sylvain Bégot: guitar, keyboards, devices
Benoît Blin: guitar
Olivier Defives: bass
Matthieu Marchand: keyboards
Thibault Faucher: drums
ARTWORK : Alexander Preuss

Words from Blandine, LADLO prods :
I can’t remember how I discovered Monolithe, maybe by getting lost on the Internet, it doesn’t really matter anyway. Unlike what can be read, I found MONOLITHE’s music accessible : it immediately took me away, this is what music is supposed to do, isn’t it ?
The chocking and crushing sensation that can be felt when listened is so powerful that it becomes liberating. There is no place for anything else. MONOLITHE’s music becomes an answer to my hesitations and remorses.There is band that, when discovered, makes you wonder how did you miss this out ? I need all the albums ! I need to see them in live ! You know that you will always be faithful to this music because for every single listening, you will remember that first time you listened to it.I hope you will also be caught up in the journey offered by this 7th album…
The label’s opening to Doom, until them specialized in Black Metal, is very thrilling. Just like with their music, MONOLITHE is giving us a new perspective.


Okta Khora | Release date : January 31st 2020 | Duration : 48:00

Format : CD digipack > AO-109 | 2LP > LPAO-110