LIMBES, like BLURR THROWER, is a project that aims to express as best as possible the global vision of its author from a philosophical, religious and political point of view.

The causality of LIMBES is to provide a truthful and complete biography, while attempting to relate its own relationship to depression and religion. The artist being terrified by the notions of finitudes and twilights, Faith is an essential refuge for the artist as much as a fertile ground for many terrors linked to the post-mortem.

LIMBES is therefore an organic confession as much as a saving sermon for its author, by interplay of mise-en-abîme and testamentary writings, to which the listener immediately becomes the Notary, the witness of a form of transcendental and nebulous prayer, the viewer with a hypersensitive expression.


Écluse | Release date : January 13, 2022