We wanted to thank you all for being there to celebrate our 10 years old 🎉.You were quite numerous to ask us if we are planning doing it again next year ; one thing is for sure, you gave us the will do organize more and more events and shows. To be continued…

A big thanks to all the bands there, who offered us great performances and even played exclusively new tracks ! We had a wonderful birthday party with Aorlhac, Arkhon Infaustus, Au-Dessus, Déluge, Heir,   Hyrgal, Lifestream, Maïeutiste, Monolithe, Moonreich, Pénitence Onirique, Pensées Nocturnes, Regarde les hommes tomber,  and The Great Old Ones.

A sparkling thanks to the breweries OUROBOROS and COUILLE DE LOUP who keep you all (including us) well hydrate all the weekend long 🍺 Let’s not forget Tonton and Lulu Burger and Pizz’s à gogo del Antonio who saved us from starving.

A thank you to all the artisans and exhibitors : David Thiérrée, Atelier Chandelours, Antiq Label and Battle’S Beer… and also to Violent Motion who’s preparing an after-movie we can’t wait to see and share.

At least but not last, thank you to all the 60 volunteers on the fest, they helped you, guided you, serve you and made their best to offer you an excellent weekend !

See you very soon for more new black adventures 🖤

PS : here are the first pictures, many more to come !