Jours Pâles

Jours Pâles is Spellbound’s (Aorlhac’s vocalist) new project. It emerged from the ashes of Asphodèle’s first and only album, which was released in 2019 by Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions and consisted of Audrey Sylvain (Malenuit), Christian Larsson (ex Apati, ex Shining, Gloson) Stefan Bayle and Sebastien Papot (Au champ des morts) at the guitar and drums.

Despite Asphodèle’s dissolution that same year, Spellbound continued working on the compositions and pursued the adventure with as much a desire of continuity as of fracture. This step forward was guided by the need to express their spirits through thick dysthymic mists and to free themselves from the shackles of the past. That is, abandoning rock moods for a stylistic evolution towards something more agressive but as melancholic as before.

The first album of this new offspring entitled “”Eclosion”” portrays the personal statement of a world now more than ever disconnected and in tatters, but above all the perpetual search for hope and light, be it through the texts or through the visual esthetics.

Spellbound is also James Sloan (Uada, Gravelight) and Christian Larsson on the guitars.
The line-up is completed by special guests Graf (Psychonaut 4), Lilas Ondine Dupont (Silhouette – additional voices), as well as Sylvain Bégot (Monolithe) and Lonn (Aorlhac) at the guitar solos.

Sheltered from the world, waiting for the final hatching, Jours Pâles was born…

Florian Lecomte Musique, paroles, chant
Romain Dubreuil Batterie
Christian Larsson Basse
James Sloan Guitares rythmique, lead
Sylvain Bégot Guitare solo
Ondine Dupont Chant additionnel
David Lomidze Chant additionnel
Frederic Gervais Mix, reamping, master

Photo: Onodrim photo https://onodrim-photographie.tumblr.com/

Words from Rom, Ladlo’s graphist :
A really great production from Cantal, France, that we recommend to any Epic Black Metal lover, such as Suhnopfer, Taake, Windir or even Dissection. Knightly and heavy guitar lines, a completely possessed drum play, and a conquering french singing that thrills you. A particularly intense opus that we can’t wait to show you !


Eclosion | Release date : 26.02.2021 | Duration : 50:18

Format : Digipack > AO-139 ; double LP gatefold >LPAO-140