Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions are pleased to introduce the latest project of Spellbound (Aorlhac). “Jours Pâles​”, as it is called, stays in line with Asphodèle​, the result of his collaboration with Audrey S. (Amesoeurs​, Malenuit).
The composition process of Jours Pâles’ first album is underway, and we are happy to announce that this new record will be released on our label!
Several artists will participate, including James Sloan (UADA​, Grave Light – Guitars), Christian Larsson (ex-Apati​, ex-Shining​, Gloson​ – Bass), Sylvain Bégot (MONOLITHE​ – Guest, Lead guitar) and Graf (Psychonaut 4 – Guest, Vocals).
Until then, we invite you to follow the brand-new page which was created especially for the occasion: Jours Pâles.
See you soon!