HYRGAL releases its awesome Serpentine on Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions on a gatefold LP.
LP and CD pre-orders are already available on our shop.

Words will never replace music, and the best thing for you to make up your mind is to listen to this awesome album. You will surely be touched, as we have been, by this energy, this primitive strength, almost instinctive, that hit you straight in the face like a tsunami. It is striking while offering in the same time smart compositions leading you through different atmospheres.

We love everything on this album, from the French exacerbate singing to the subtle and perfectly placed lyrics, from the amazing riffs to the heavy and dissonant atmosphere, from the ever-present drums to its place in the sound spectrum.

A first try, yet very mature, that already makes this album a special one that we are extremely proud to share with you.