We are proud to announce the release of “Au Peuple De l’Abîme” on our label on October 20th, 2017 : the first album of the young Black Metal band from Toulouse (France) , HEIR.  HEIR is a band we believe in and that we are proud to support.


Young five limbed creature from Toulouse, HEIR was born in 2015. The following year sees the birth of its first EP, “Asservi”, which the three tracks were also released on a split the same year, next to In Cauda Venenum and Spectrale. « Au peuple de l’abîme » affirms and extend the motley style sprouting from this original realization. HEIR soaks a grimy magnificence coming from sludge whiffs and sprinkled with Black Metal. Its audacious and tilting compositions offers either exhilarating scrapes of Hardcore or heady smells of immersive melodies. The nihilist dearth of voices perfectly fits with the thematic cherished by the band : the masses foolishness, identity disillusion, the blandness vertigo. HEIR offers a disturbing post-black journey marked by its mastering of oppositions while disseminating a tormented aura.

Artwork & layout  by Came Roy de Rat
Words from the label manager:
“You know us by now, we love to share our favourites. Even if the band members are young, HEIR shows a true precocity in terms of artistic maturity and proves with this first album that we can count on them to be one of the most important bands of the French Extrem scene. It’s been a year since we have the mock-up of this first opus, and it has been listened to ten times, or a hundred maybe, without even being bored. I was conquered by their way to assimilate their influences, to appropriate the Black Metal codes and to adapt the music to their own style. It all gave birth to a very singular piece of work, diversified, with its own personality : that is all we love at LADLO. Well, in other words, it’s a real delight that we are happy to share with you.”