Heaume Mortal’s first album is out now (March, 1st, 2019). “Solstices” is available on CD digipack and on our bandcamp. 

Heaume Mortal is a personnal project from France, led by Guillaume Morlat (Eibon, Cowards).
Solstices was composed between 2011 and 2014 in attempts to express in a musical way the authentic,
ageless and paradoxical hidden facets of life.

Sharp, heavy, cold, contemplative and mesmerizing are keywords that best describe its atmosphere.


1.Yesteryears 13:38
2.South of no north 02:10
3.Oldborn 12:30
4.Erblicket die tochter des firmament (Burzum cover) 07:23
5.Tongueless (part III) 12:38
6.Mestreguiral 09:45

Music and lyrics by Guillaume Morlat. Erblicket die tochter des firmament by Varg Vikernes.Artwork :painting by Gustave Moreau “Thomyris et Cyrus” Recording, mix & mastering by  Francis Caste at studio Sainte Marthe  (May 2018)

Words from the label manager, Gérald Milani :When Guillaume contacted me, and exposed its project, I wasn’t expected something special. I thought its experience with the Hardcore/Doom scene might brought an interesting touch in a Black Metal project. Well, in fact, with the first listening of HEAUME MORTAL I was completely caught into their universe. HEAUME MORTAL is not really a Black Metal band, even if we can get some influences. HEAUME MORTAL is a mix of everything that is great in the Mid Tempo Extreme Metal : a mutated entity caught up between various styles, but completely coherent. We could classify HEAUME MORTAL as some kind of Black Doom to make it short, but that’s much more. It’s like a crawling beast, throbbing, who’s mutating through heavy dissonant atmospheres, almost as a ritual. A dangerous one, full of hatred, using the music to serve a dark atmosphere, tainted with various vocals, almost experimental sometimes. A little bit of YOB, a little bit of KICKBACK, a little bit of VERDUN, a little bit of CULT OF LUNA, a little bit of BURZUM… A huge thanks to Francis Caste, in charge of the recording, mixing and mastering, for this result on disc that literally transcends Guillaume’s compositions with a profound sound, heavy,warm, and AMAZING drum parts (but still sounds natural). I was in, so was the entire LADLO crew – our decision was quick.