The band was born at the end of 2013 created by Aharon and Sinaï and will release its first EP in 2014.
The album “Har HaKarmel”, which deals with the death of paganism, will be released in 2016.
The group released in 2019 a split with the group Darkenhöld at “Les Acteurs de l’Ombre”.
In 2020, the second album is also released by “Les Acteurs de l’Ombre” under the title: ὄ θεός ό βασιλεύς

John 18; 36 “My kingdom is not of this world”.

“o Theos o Basileus” (from the Greek: the god, the king) questions the relationship between spiritual and temporal power. Often confronting each other, sometimes working together, or even being totally confused, the two powers, which are quite distinct through Christ, will undergo many evolutions in the Christian era.


ὸ θεός ὸ βασιλεύς | Release date : October 23,2020 | Duration : 40:24:18

Format : Digipack > AO-127 | LP > LPAO-128





Date City Venue Country
05/12/24 Paris Péniche Antipode FR
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: 13€. More information
10/05/24 Arlon L’Entrepôt À Arlon BE
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: 38€. More information

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