In 1997 Ebonylake recorded “As Ghosts We Dance In Thrashing Seas”, this recording quickly gained the attention of the underground avantgarde scene for its furious brew of extreme metal and avant classical with elements of film score music. Employing unconventional structures and a claustrophobic and horrific atmosphere completed by a six piece chant section, “As Ghosts We Dance In Thrashing Seas” soon gained a cult following.
The famous English label Cacophonous Records (Bal Sagoth, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna, Primordial, Sigh…) were quick to sign the band and intensive work then began on the debut release “On The Eve Of The Grimly Inventive”. Sessions leading up to the recording were a furnace of artistic exploration with many reference points, Oscar Wilde, Pendereki, Prokofiev and Poe to name but a few. Recorded in 1998 at Academy Studios in England the album was in stark contrast to the Metal scene of the time and was either celebrated for its sheer invention or attacked for its lack of conformity. Its anxious, nervous and desperate disposition, its stabbing schizophrenic and autistic personality was a hard pill to swallow. The fire burned with such intensity that it vanished as quickly as it appeared.
A decade later and the paths of Ophelius and Mass cross once more and Ebonylake is reborn and the whispers turn to screams…




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