Decem Maleficivm was born at the end of the year 2000 by mixing elements from Black and Doom Metal. The name of the band, which reflects duality and contrasts, is based on the number ten: the first number of our numerical system composed of two numerals.
Already settled in, the band recorded in 2002 what would be its debut demo, named “Nox Decima”. In 2004 the band recorded the “Motivatio Intrinseca” EP at the Maestro 3 studio. Its name refers to taking actions for self-satisfaction and self-motivation but not to satisfy others.
The band decided to resume its work in 2016. A limited edition of the demo “Nox Decima” and of the EP “Motivatio Intrinseca” was released as an independent production in tape format as a part of the single “The ceremony”, which showed the current sound of the band. Composed of 7 songs recorded at the Sonido Origen studio by Carlos Fuentes, the album “La Fin de Satan” was digitally released in May 2019. This opus’ sound is closer to the avant-garde metal with influences from Arcturus, Enslaved, Emperor and Dissection. Following this work, Decem Maleficivm is invited to play as a support band of the Greek band Rotting Christ at a concert held on Wednesday, June 5th 2019 at the Blondie club in Santiago (Chile).

LINE-UP : Daniel Araya (Synths and vocals) | Magus Umbra Nox (Growls) | Christian Rojas (Drums and percussion) | Pedro Fontecilla (Guitars) | David Zambrano (Guitars) | Rodrigo Díaz (Bass)
Artwork : Melek Rsh Nvth IX.


La Fin de Satan | 22 November 2019 | 43:33:00

Format : CD digipack > AO-106





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