Crépuscule d’Hiver

Crépuscule d’Hiver is a one-man band whose essence is channeled by Stuurm (vocals, lyrics, guitars, keyboards).

The soul and influences of this project are deeply rooted in 90’s black metal: mysterious, epic and shrouded in synthesizer waves of medieval keyboards soundscapes. In late December 2018, a demo called “Songes Hérétiques” was released on bandcamp with three songs along with two instrumental dungeon synth tracks.

In May 2019, Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions started a collaboration with Crépuscule d’Hiver to release an album in line with “Songes Hérétiques”.

N.K.L.S (In Cauda Venenum) joined the project later in the year as a drummer and bass player, two instruments that Stuurm used to compose and record digitally.

This album consists of a sequel of “Songes Hérétiques”, with a total of 7 tracks, including two songs from the demo that were rerecorded and rearranged. The others are brand-new material. This music is an ode to deep feelings of nostalgia and epic greatness of a fantasized and fantastic past, anchored and animated within and by fiction.

Heir of many black metal bands that built the musical landscape of its composer, Crépuscule d’Hiver offers a singular black metal that is deeply inspired by the dungeon synth scene. With visions of battlefields and spectral fortresses, it is a call to contemplate once again the glorious and romantic aesthetics of medieval black metal.

LINE-UP: Stuurm – Composition, guitars, vocals, lyrics, keyboards
NKLS – Drums, bass
Hexēnn (choirs and vocals; tracks 2, 4, 7).
Aker (clean guitars; track 7).
Wÿntër Ärvń (acoustic guitar; tracks 2 and 7).
Vettekult (Guitar solos; track 5 and 7).
Spellbound (Choirs; track 5, declaimed vocals; track 4).

Pics: Hël Photography

Artwork: David Thiérée

Words from the label manager, Gérald Milani :

I literally dove into the “Songes Hérétiques” demo, which reminded me of my early youth, 25 years ago, in the heyday of Medieval Black Metal, like the one you could hear on the first GODKILLER’s and SATYRICON’s albums, and even with a little SUMMONING-like Dungeon Synth flavour. The kind of music that transcends you and immerges you into an epic and chivalrous universe, where the imagination spreads out effortlessly and leads you back to the Middle Ages.

I have never dedicated myself to a project as much as for CRÉPUSCULE D’HIVER’s. Never has a project put such pressure on me and demanded such a comprehensive artistic support.

When I’ve contacted Stuurm a year and a half ago to offer him to work with us, neither he nor I were aware of the workload awaiting us. With only one demo under its belt, the challenge for CRÉPUSCULE D’HIVER was huge, and the result fully met my expectations.

Everything is there, from the old school sound to the modern interpretation, from epic melodies to melancholic ones, from the medieval imagery to the fantastic imaginary, from the flayed vocals to the soaring lyricism, from black metal riffs to dungeon synth melodies. I get back into the almost phantasmagorical universe of my early youth. We are bringing you this little gem in the most beautiful chest: an incredible handmade wooden box containing only exclusive and limited items. It took me a year of work and required a lot of investment from the people I called on for this. In the end, this release has proven to be a beautiful human adventure and I thank all the people who took part in this project. Thank you to the craftsmen, illustrators, guests, members of the label’s staff who had no other choice but following me into this mad idea. And of course, first and foremost, thanks to Stuurm and N.K.L.S. for offering us this small wonder.


Par-Delà Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres | Release date : 25/09/2020 | Duration : 70:52:00

Formats : CD digipack > AO-121 | DLP > LPAO-122