Hello everyone,

Here we are: Our crowdfunding campaign related to Crépuscule d’Hiver’s first release and box comes to an end, on September 18th. You may have already seen it, we have reached our initial goal, Better yet: We have even double it!

This would not have been possible without your intervention, your encouraging messages, your positive feedbacks. We feel particularly fortunate to have you in our dark caucus. You’ve been passionate, benevolent, and you allow our beloved music scene to remain in place.

Before ‘Par-Delà Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres’’s release on September 25th (the date on which your counterparts will be sent), we want to thank you for your contribution. It couldn’t do so without your help.

Therefore, on behalf of Les Acteurs de l’Ombre’s team and the other architects of this success, our thanks goes out to:


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