We are born from a ColdCell. Only to become part of a dying species, facing extinction by its own egoism, intolerance and emotional bleakness.
“The Greater Evil” is a heavy heartbroken ode of despair to the futile selfishness of mankind. The reckless disregard for nature and humanity alike.
Mankind’s sacrifice of reason for the greater evil. We are extinction’s advocates.

Line-up: Music by Benjamin Gautschin and Andreas Fretz, except “Greatest Of All Species” music by Benjamin Gautschin and “No Escape” music by Benjamin Gautschin, Andreas Fretz and Damian Leibundgut. Lyrics by Stefan Dittner except “Open Wounds” lyrics by Arni Gudnason.

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Victor Bullok at “Woodshed Studio”.
Guest vocals on “Scapegoat Season” and “No Escape” by Frederyk Rotter, recorded at “Black Art Audio Studios” by Simon Jameson.

Artwork: Marcel Szerdahelyi & Pascal Brun


The Greater Evil | Release date : 23/04/2021 | Duration : 49:01:00

Formats : DIGIPACK AO-145 // 2LP simple pochette LPAO-146