Hailing from Switzerland, Borgne is a cold and steady musical machine pushing out limits
of the conventional black metal, proudly using drum machines and synths.
Borgne goes fiercely where it’s not expected.
Artwork : Javor Rado https://www.deviantart.com/radojavor
Bornyhake Vocals, Strings, Electronics, Music
Lady Kaos additional Keys
Onbra Lyrics
Basstard additional bass

Words from the label manager, Gérald Milani :
You know how we like to broaden our Black Metal scope, so it was completely natural for us to open to a genre that was not represented in our roster yet: industrial atmospheric Black Metal. I have known Borgne’s leader Bornyhake’s projects for many years now, as well as his hyperactivity on stage (with Cryfemal, Serpens Luminis, Darvaza, Schammasch, Kawir, Deathrow, Enoid and more than 20 others). I discovered Borgne somewhat belatedly, when they released “IV” in 2009. Even if I had previously had the chance to see them on stage, I first met with the band in 2012, during the Black Metal Is Rising 7 festival we had organized in Paris at the Glazart (Borgne, Bethlehem, Acherontas, The Great Old Ones, Nightbringer, Forteresse, Anus Mundi, Blackdeath). Since then, I have been following their career closely, and I offered them to collaborate with us several times. This band has always impressed me with its authenticity, its sincerity, its strong visual and graphical identity, but also with the immense kindness and simplicity of all its members. For Borgne, French singing is as efficient as music at setting up atmospheres. I will let the journalists give their opinion about the album, but to keep it short, I would say that this majestic “Y” stays in line with what the band has previously produced, with the exact same intensity, blackness and integrity. After Sepulchral Productions, Those Opposed Records, Avantgarde Music, it is a true honor and a great opportunity for us to be able to present you Borgne’s new misdeed and to collaborate on two albums. You will note that it is the first time we ever sign a band for more than one album. Long live Borgne!


Temps Morts | Release date : 05/21/21 | Duration : 01:12:53

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