Three years after “Kornog”, an album dealing with the water element of Breton’s sea legends, “Argoat”, which means something like “land of the woods”, continues where its predecessor left off and focuses on the earth element – mainly local mystic forests, wild animals and Celtic gods. It is again sung in Breton. “Arvestal” is a metal interpretation of a John Barry song (The Persuaders – 1971)

Out on September 20th, 2019. 300 copies. Co-production with Northern Silence


1. Karv-den
2. Bleizken
3. Argoat
4. Nozweler
5. Huelgoat
6. Dishualder
7. Duadenn
8. Steuziadur
9. Arvestal

By the end of 1995, BELENOS was created by Loïc Cellier (guitar / singing). BELENOS offers a style in the cross-road between an Atmospheric and Depressive Black Metal and Pagan Black Metal tainted with folk and Celtic tones.
After 3 demos (Notre Amour Eternel, 1996 – Triste Pensée, 1997 – Allégorie D’Une Souffrance, 1998), later gathered in a Double-CD “L’Ancien Temps”, BELENOS built a line-up to perform its first shows between 1999 and 2004.

This is when the albums were released on CD with Sacral Productions : “Errances Oniriques” (2001) and “Spicilège” (2002). Begging 2005, BELENOS came back as a one-man-band and released “Chants De Bataille” (Adipocere Records, 2006) and “Chemins De Souffrance” (Northern Silence Productions, 2007 – which is still today the official label of the band). “Errances Oniriques” was then re-recorded and re-arranged in 2009.

By the beginning of 2010, BELENOS get back on stage with a new line-up, the main show were : the Hellfest (2012), A La Messe Des Morts (Quebec, 2014) and several dates mostly in France. By the end of 2010 was released “Yen Sonn Gardis”, which is the first album but this time sang exclusively in Breton. After 6 years, marked by several reissue (Spicilège, Chants De Bataille and L’Ancien Temps) “Kornog” got released in 2016, followed by a best-of-live celebrating the 22 years anniversary of the band.

Finally, the new album “Argoat”, still in Breton, will be released in September 20th, 2019. The LP of this album is a co-production between Northern Silence and Les Acteurs de l’Ombre.

Argoat was recorded between November 2018 and May 2019, as usual in an old school home studio.

Line-up: Loïc Cellier – vocals, guitar. Lyrics & music. Yohann Mahé – bass, backing vocals. Marc Le Gall – drums. Sven Vinat – guitar, backing vocals