It’s a pleasure to unveil “Leviathan III”, a second track from the German post-black metal band Bait’s new album ‘Revelation of the Pure’! https://youtu.be/4NW9KxFLGY0 Be aware that we have decided to release the album digitally on May 22nd and hope that its physical release will take place in June. The latter may be postponed depending on the development of the coronavirus epidemic in Europe. BAIT was founded in 2013 in Wuerzburg, Germany. After the release of its first EP, “Cursed among Saints” in 2014, the band performed three tours covering 11 different countries. BAIT released its second EP “Sunburst” in 2016 with labels such as WOOAAARGH and Sell Your Soul Records. The band had the opportunity to share the stage with Amenra, Full of Hell, Integrity and Oathbreaker, and played in 14 European countries. Managing to combine various involvements in other bands (Der Weg einer Freiheit) and their project, BAIT started recording its first album in 2018. This opus entitled “Revelation ofthe Pure” is a piece of shear nihilistic and utterly destructive music. Video: Maxime Brosset