During these challenging times, we are particularly happy to announce some good news: LADLO just signed with the German post-black metal band Bait.
We have decided to release digitally their album “Revelation of The Pure” on May 22nd and hope that its physical release will take place in June. Be aware that the latter may be postponed depending on the development of the coronavirus epidemic in Europe.


Words from the label manager:
“I didn’t know the first thing about BAIT. What a killer! Such violence! Once again, the “matchmaker” was a friend of mine. A.M. from REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER put me in touch with Alex, leader and drummer of BAIT, who had shown him his interest in our label.
Their music is very well-made, forthright, powerful, varied and personal. We had no reason not to do it, we would have let a new black pearl slip away.
At first, BAIT shows you a polymorphic face, then a melodic and brutal black metal facet. But it also has another look, clearly devoted to a vicious, dark and negative hardcore. In short, what some imaginary progeny of Der Weg einer Freiheit (where Nico plays bass, as in BAIT) and CONVERGE could look like. You wander, following complex and progressive compositions, emphasized by many singular parts, which are deconstructed or extremely bulky.
This is our third release with a foreign band since the beginning of the year and it has already carved out a proper place for itself in our roster, which it completes admirably. I’m looking forward to seeing their shows! Like for Mur, I’m sensing devastating gigs, a true stage war machine.”