AU-DESSUS’s first album:

It is hard to find it these days … Lots of you ask for it… Then we decided to re-issue the eponym first album of Au-Dessus, initially released on its former label. This remastered re-issue (LP and digipack) is enhanced with mysterious and disturbing interludes…

CD digipack 1000 copies

LP gatefold 500 copies (400 black // 100 silver)

In 2015, a freezing wind came from Lithuania, blowing the music borders away. Deeply rooted on a Black basis, the first and eponym opus of Au-Dessus stands out with its sludge, heavy and hardcore touches, all set with ability and assertiveness. Blooming from a writing both shared in the realization and personal by its aura: the auditor, lashed and taken away by this blizzard, will find its own distraught epiphany, far from the paved way and fixed framework.

Music & lyrics : Au-Dessus. Drums recorded in Muzlab Studio. Guitars, bass & vocals recorded by Mantas Gurksnys. Mixed and recorded by Mantas Gurksnys. All photos courtesy of Irek Niewiedzial. Cover design & layout by Mentalporn.com

DARKENHÖLD : Memoria Sylvarum

After a release in auto-production of Darkenhöld ‘s last album, MEMORIA SYLVARUM, we are proud to announce that this amazing album will be out on vinyl, on September 28th.

This album is dedicated to forgotten legends of the forest and evocate the pilgrim of a lonely adventurer to escape the madness of this society.
It was an almost autobiographic album, recorded, mixed and mastered at by Aldébaran in his own Cryptic studio in 2016/2017.
So there were absolutely no compromises, just pure sincerity and authenticity. No excessive triggers or Fx in it, old-school pedals (Metal Zone like, HM-2), vintage Roland synths and plexi Marshall were used.

LP gatefold 500 copies ( 400 black // 100 brown)

Music by Aldébaran. Lyrics by Cervantes. sound : Cryptic Studio / Coxinhell / Altherax Music. Mixed and mastered by Aldébaran et Darkenhöld.
Artwork by Claudine Vrac. Layout by HumeurNoire & Aldébaran