Always on the lookout for exciting new  experiences, we are extremely proud to announce signing the promising French band ASPHODELE. 

ASPHODELE will release its first full length on November 1st, 2019 on digipack CD, LP and digital. 

Asphodèle is an introspective project led by the compositions of Spellbound, whose sincere and uncompromising voice has been resonating in people’s mind since more than a decade through Aorlhac’s albums. The sibylline and haunted vocals of Audrey S., known for her past work in late Amesoeurs and in K.P.N and current involvement in Malenuit, adorn the songs with a truly unique aura.

Their encounter brought out the need to express their inner conflicts through a common project based on shared intimate experiences: vital impetus and resurgence taking shape in a sincere music enfolded in a thick mist of dysthymia and disillusioned look at life.

The duet quickly hired experienced musicians and their line-up was eventually strengthened by Stefan (former Anorexia Nervosa, currently in Au champ des morts) and Sébastien (Au champ des morts), playing respectively guitar and drums in studio. The project became complete with the bassist Christian Larsson (former Apati and Shining, currently in Gloson); Graf (Psychonaut 4) and Sylvain Bégot (Monolithe) as special guests on one song.

To be released by the Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions label, “Jours pâles” (“Wan days”) is Asphodèle’s first album. Eight tracks that highlight a dark metal inspired by various influences just reflecting with sadness our inner cracks and feeling of dereliction and inadequacy. For we’re not truly aware before looking back on our existence, the last glance tearing our blinders apart…


Spellbound : Songwritting, synths, guitars, vocals, lyrics.
Audrey S. :Vocals, lyrics
Stefan Bayle : Guitars
Wilheim ::Drums
Christian Larsson : Bass.

Lyrics by Audrey S. and Spellound. Music by Spellbound

A few words by Gérald, label manager:

When I was contacted by Spellbound from Aorlhac to give him my opinion about his solo project, still at a draft stage, I didn’t have any specific expectation. I was only supposed to speak my mind about some songs just like I’m used to and frequently asked to. Spellbound warned me by telling me it wasn’t fit for LADLO since it differs from our usual trade.

WHAT????? I JUST FUCKING LOVE IT!!! It’s true we have never released this type of album before but there’s an obvious connection with black metal. It brought me back in the 90’s and reminded me of FORBIDDEN SITE, a band that made a strong impression at that time with its melancholic black metal and had a very unique and French way to sound, write and sing!

ASPHODÈLE conveys a similar energy, something authentic and personal. A music that was brought into this world in suffering, very sensitive and meaning so much. Some kind of instinctive beast full of anger emerging from one’s guts, which sounds like a vital and visceral need, moving the listener deep down. Although the whole work is very understandable with a rather rock’n’roll approach, it exudes some madness, something pure too and some innocence in which this album’s attraction and consistency lay. I think Audrey S’ very distinctive voice is one of the best examples of it. We got a rough diamond full of emotions here and, as far as I’m concerned, I listen to music to be touched and feel alive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Spellbound and Audrey S for putting so much of themselves into this and offering it to us. I’m deeply honored and moved by their trust. I can’t wait for you to discover this jewel straight from Spellbound’s mind, some parts of it played by Au Champ Des Morts’ gifted musicians, brilliantly mixed and mastered at the Henosis Studio by Fred Gervais.

An opus mixing rock, black metal, post-punk with a touch of new wave. For fans of sad or even depressive music close to FORBIDDEN SITE’s, DEPECHE MODE’s and LIFELOVER’s style.”

Promo picture by Anne-Laure Deylaud

Logo by Joanna Maeyens.