ARKHON INFAUSTUS will play at Old Grave Fest VII, Bucarest, Romania. (12-13 October 2018)

Tickets http://www.rtmc.ro/tickets/

More than two decades ago, one of the filthiest, most extreme blackened death metal acts out there came to life in Paris. By the time Arkhon Infaustus released their first full length record – Hell Injection (2001) – one could already expect an amalgamation of everything perverse, sick and disgusting in the black metal and death metal arsenals. It’s all there including the kitchen sink, full of drugs, vomit and other bodily fluids, from the agonizingly slow to breakneck speeds, all distorted to kingdom come almost like a black metal Angelcorpse. Dual vocals and all, it looked like a band that had already thrown everything they had into a debut album. But no. Filth Catalyst (2003) made the first record look like a chaotic mass of malevolence. More focused, with a better production, more established technically, it was a step forward in all regards. It took only one year for a new album to come out. Perdition Insanabilis dispensed with the gory artwork but kept the evil intact, adding further layers of atmosphere and songwriting. More and more emphasys was added to individual riffs – see the track Six Seals Salvation for prime examples -, an almost martial undertone started to creep up, in a way foretelling the direction Orthodoxyn (2007) would take. The last album before the band took a eight-year hiatus, it was all at once evil, sharp, and austere, confirming the band’s need to keep evolving yet stay true to their original purpose.

2017 came with excellent news for those in need of sonic filth: Arkhon Infaustus were back! To mark this event, along with select shows, a new EP was recorded and released. Passing the Nekromanteion further expands the band’s mastery of both black and death metal, leaning perhaps more towards the latter than ever. A fine comeback that convinced us to make the final push to bring Arkhon Infaustus for the first time to Romania!