AEZH MORVARC’H is True Breton Black Metal. Shadowing vapours and ancient illuminated myths dating back to IV A.D tell us of Morvarc’h’s life.
Legends speak of a volcanic horse galloping upon the sea, a Breton horse possessed by a Nordic witch-queen. A statue of the infernal horse, erected in 1854, dominates Quimper’s cathedral rooftop in Breton Cornwall.
AEZH MORVARC’H spells – work of a Breton musician named Arnev – have matured since the first rituals of 1996.
After having revised some early works, Arnev enlisted the help of Mornoz (Justin MIN of Oligarch) to see his visions of past and future become reality : in 2013, the first official ride came out in the form of an EP entitled « Mare Humorum ».
During the winter of 2014, Isarnos (OXXO XOOX, Anus Mundi, Lugnasad, Wormfood) recorded the drums for the second upcoming EP. At the same time, Skornus joined the adventure as permanent guitarist. From then on, Arnev decided not only to hire talented musicians and drummers for sessions but to settle for a lasting line-up around Rennes. Riders are invited to contact the band at arnev.am@gmail.com.
Let the old celtic language from Brittany be branded upon your spirit !






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