LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE PRODUCTIONS is an association bringing passionate people together, all volunteers. Our vocation ? Presenting bands we love, usually coming from nowhere !
Mostly focus on French artists, but not only : we go along with the bands in their artistic development. The Label is a promotion tool, but also a music distributor for bands from the New generation of Black Metal (post, atmospheric and avant-gardiste) ; either on vinyl record, CD or tape. We love offering objects of great quality by working with talented designers and other Limited Box Set composed of handmade and original goodies

EMANATIONS is the label counterpart, aiming to present completely unknown bands throughout limited edition either in tapes or CD : the demo stage in other words. It is usually bands from our close surrounding, bands we already know. There is a gate between EMANATIONS and LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE PRODUCTIONS, so prepare yourself to see bands signed in our subdivision joining the main structure : involving more human and financial resources in their development.
Our goal is always the same : presenting and supporting bands we love because we are passionate about music above all.


MONOLITHE @ Hellfest 2017

MONOLITHE played at Hellfest Open Air Festival in France. The surfacing footage of the event has been an occasion for guitarists Sylvain Bégot and Benoît Blin to provide some hindsight to the live element of the band's activity....

New track from VƆID ‘s upcoming album “Jettatura”.

Here is "Theory of hail", a new track from VƆID 's upcoming album "Jettatura". Preorders are availble   Out on October 5th. ️Release party on October 4th at Le Ferrailleur - Café Concert (Nantes, France)....


Date Artist City Venue Country
09/29/18 Spectrale Auzas Festival L’Homme Sauvage FR
10/03/18 Déluge Metz Les Trinitaires FR
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10/04/18 VOID Nantes Le Ferrailleur FR
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10/06/18 Pénitence Onirique Maison de Quartier de Doulon – Nantes LADLO FEST FR

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