PENITENCE ONIRIQUE’s new album is out today (december 6th, 2019). Listen to VESTIGE right now!

Pénitence Onirique delivers here a dark and intense Black Metal showing a head-on and complex brutality, somewhere between an alchemical ritual and an inward-looking sermon. Dragged out from souls’ sufferings, its first offering, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, takes us on an initiatory journey to the death. Four years later the band, now composed of six members, has decided to extend its universe with a new opus howling its vision of progress and probing the memory of what tends to disappear. “Vestige” translates in one single word this will to remind us of what is going to fade.

Words from the label by Petite Ciguë:

“Have you ever read the first version of a popular tale, before it was gutted from its bloody core, of its mutilated flesh and of its atrocious conclusion? Vestige has kept from these original stories a strong evocative power. A sophistication not free from some savagery perfectly suited to Pénitence Onirique’s style. Its six mysterious creatures have sharpened the edge of their instruments with a magnificent brutality, slashing their songs into the veins of their cruel and dazzling atmospheric black metal. An opus as dangerously fascinating as the most noble monsters.”


1- Le corps gelé de Lyse
2- La cité des larmes
3- Les sirènes misérables
4- Hespéros
5- Extase exquise
6- Souveraineté suprême
7- Vestige


Bellovesos: guitar lead composition and additionnal sample
Dimiourgos : bass and composition
Vorace : rythmic guitar
Noktûrnos : ambiant guitar
Cathbad: drum
Ebrietas : Lyrics and voices

Artwork: Aurore Lephilipponnat – Mixed and mastered by D.N.I. Studio

Next shows:
13/12: BLACK METAL NIGHT V – Nantes
14/12: LADLO IN PARIS – Paris
29/02: AMAROK METAL FEST – Aigrefeuille-Sur-Maine
21/06: Hellfest Open Air Festival – Clisson